Plan for Trade Shows and Exhibits.

Collaborate with your event team to get things done.

A simple, free, planning and project management tool for exhibitors and conference sponsors.

Trade Show Planning and Project Management

Say goodbye Goodbye Hodgepodge to the emails + spreadsheets + pen-and-paper hodgepodge.

Your conferences, trade shows, travel plans, shipments, sponsorship campaigns, event schedules, and budgets — all managed in one place.
Easy. Peasy. LemonSqueezy.

Trade Show Planning and Project Management

Like an event planning playbook. Like no other playbook.

Event Team Collaboration and Task Management

Like a checklist. Like no other checklist.
Trade Show Task Management
Done. That's Done!
Assign tasks to your event team. Track the overall progress. Get notified when things get done.
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Budgeting, Engagement Analytics and ROI

A mighty, simple, ROI calculator. Like no other calculator.
Event ROI Calculations
Set a budget for each event. Track leads, brand impressions, meetings, and revenue. Measure engagement and ROI.
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Simpler than Simple.
A powerful suite of features — tailor-made for event teams, designed for simplicity.
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Meet Lisa
A Trade Show Planning Ninja
Lisa was an ordinary event planner who found herself stuck in a hodgepodge of messy emails, spreadsheets and calendars, just spinning her wheels, tryna plan her trade shows. With a little help from ExhibitDay, Lisa has now become a Trade Show Planning Ninja. With the power of ExhibitDay at her disposal, Lisa is unstoppable. Rumor has it, she'll even be featured on the cover of Trade Show Aficionado magazine next month!

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Organizations, from startups to enterprises, use ExhibitDay to plan for 60k+ events globally.
Best East of Use - Event Management Software
Award Best Ease of Use
Event Management Software
"Incredibly user-friendly and intuitive."
Best Value - Productivity Software
Award Best Value
Productivity Software
"Unparalleled powerhouse that delivers exceptional bang for the buck."
Best East of Use - Event Management Software
"We are now able to have everything in one place, available to everyone who needs it. No more spreadsheets."
Jeff P.
Vice President
User Reviews
"ExhibitDay keeps me and my team (and boss) happy and on task - thank you!"
Kaity P.
Trade Show & Event Planner
Financial Services
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